husITa is an acronym for human services Information Technology applications.

We are an international virtual association – and a registered US 501(c) non-profit organisation – dedicated to promoting the ethical and effective use of IT to better serve humanity.  Our members are human service professionals, managers and academics.  husITa’s focus and expertise is situated at the intersection of three core domains: information technology, human services, and social development.  With an emphasis on human centeredness and social justice, husITa strives to promote international knowledge development, dissemination and transfer of technology within human services.  It achieves this through multidisciplinary leadership in international conferences, publications, collaboration, and consultation directed particularly at IT applications and innovations that promote social betterment.

You can join husITa at no cost by by subscribing to our mailing list.  Mailing list subscribers gain the benefits of discounted conference fees and journal subscriptions.  Mailing list subscribers can also vote on membership of the husITa Board of Directors.


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Defining human services  |  The board  |  Goals  | Needs  |  Assumptions  |  History

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