The board

Current husITa board members and expiration terms are: Neil Ballantyne, Chair (2018), Julie Gilliam (2019), Ann Lavan, Secretary (2017), Mairi-Anne Macdonald (2017),  Goutham Menon, Treasurer (2018), Gareth Morgan, Vice Chair (2019), Dhrubodhi Mukherjee (2017),Oyinlola Oluwagbemiga (2019), Melanie Sage (2018), Dick Schoech (2018), Jonathan Singer (2017), David Spriggs (2017), Amanda Taylor (2018), Ann Wilder (2019),  Jimmy Young (2017), Yu-cheung Wong (2019) and Dale Fitch (ex-officio representative from the editorial board of the Journal of Technology in Human Services).

husITa also has an Emeritus Membership category. Currently Walter LaMendola, Brian Glastonbury and Rob MacFadden have been designated Emeritus members of husITa.


Further information

husITa bylaws  |  husITa board election process | husITa conflict of interest policy


Map of location of current board members


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